More links to the websites focusing on the topic in detail

Traffic homepage

The basic link on the  Zoltan Szabo website. For free you can download here  his program Traffic and several ready screensavers, permanently updated  database of some 40 000 collected pictures of various vehicles (not only railway!) worldwide, a brief instruction for creating your own screensaver and a detailed manual for screensaver timetable making up. Links to authors of all the collected pictures .


J. Silhan pages - a basic collection of CSD (former Czechoslovak railways) and CD (current Czech railways) vehicles.

Vencovo depo

A huge collection of CSD and CD vehicles and background elements - the author Venca Stiba added what was missing on the Nexus website. Only in the Czech language.


Slovak pages of L. Zeman - vehicles of CSD, CD, ZSR (recent Slovak railways) and ZSSK (current Slovak railways) for Traffic. Only in the Slovak language.


German pages of A. Mayer, one of the MM&MM authors, collection of German, Swiss and Austrian vehicles of various periods. Only in the German language.

Screensaver with CSD and CD vehicles

A ready screensaver including only CSD and CD vehicles of various periods.

MM-Web Ring

Website in German and Englsh with links to more than 50 world website on the MM&MM and Traffic screensavers topics.

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