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A standard freight locomotive from 1918-1930 (at first made yet like the Austrian class 270). In the  number of 199 pcs (including the  34 reparation pcs after 1945) and after various amendments it departed for main railway lines, later for easier performances like shunting. CSD discarded the class in 1977, the locomotive 434.1100 was saved for the museum. This picture is a livery of the Nexus´s picture - here you can see the original „helicon“ chimney used for the engines up to the 434.1119.


Surely the most succesful locomotive designed for the Bustehrad Railway the former class Va from 1917 became the base for the famous CSD class 524.1. At the Bustehrad Railway it was used for the banking service, on the Chomutov/Komotau - Vejprty/Weipert railway line it hauled trains of all the categories until 1945. 524.102 served out in Rumburk/Rumburg as late as in 1978. The picture shows the appearance after production.


(1 steam dome)

The former Austrian class 180 was marked as 523.0 first at CSD and gradually reconstructed till 1933. It served until 1971 above all in northern Bohemia in freight transport and heavy shunting service. It is famous for its service on Most/Brux-Moldava/Moldau mountain line with all the trains categories (see also class 403.2 notes). 


(2 steam domes)

Another appearance of the same class.


The first version of the heavy freight locomotive from 1922. It was used until the end of the 60s


Another version of the same class from 1926.


The Hungarian class 651 Mallet locomotive with 2 steam engines. It served in the arduous mountain freight transport first in Slovakia, in the early 1930s it was transferred to the Jeseniky mountains (Altvater Gebirge) in northern Moravia where it stayed until 1953.

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