All the classes and numbers mentioned below correspond with CSD regulations valid in the period of 1925 - 1956.

Austrian bogie carriages

Express and fast train carriages of the Austrian origin, at CSD till the 1950s.

ABa 1-6

Ca 4-55

BCa 2-8692

Rybak system bogie carriages

Austrian fast train bogie carriages carried on the 1axle Rybak system bogies.  At CSD they were used in the 1920 - 30s for the fast train Brno-Domazlice/Taus hauled by class 354.1or 354.7 locomotives.

Ddo 6-49

           ABe 1-4050                       Ce 3-8400

Austrian Be, BCe, Ce

2axle Austrian standard corridor carriages from the 19th and 20th century turn. At CSD on main lines till 1940s, later transferred to local lines where they survived till 1960s. The images show lengthening wheelbase from 6,7 up to 8 m, design and construction development from wooden to metallic materials,from gas to electric lighting, from vacuum to air brake. Series of thousands these and the  following more perfect carriages represented in the period of 1918 - 1938 basis for the CSD passenger traffic rolling stock especially in Bohemia and Moravia.

Ce 3-49zCe 3-49

                                   Ce 3-49                

Ce 3-5

Ce 3-5

BCe 2-66BCe 2-65

               BCe 2-66                 BCe 2-65     

Ce 3-4Ce 3-44

                  Ce 3-4                 Ce 3-44

Be 2-13Be 2-14

                Be 2-13                  Be 2-14

Czechoslovak Ce

Production of the foregoing types continued already in the Czechoslovak works. Air brake, electric lighting and new vent windows are already matters of fact, the last series since 1931 have metallic window frames.

Ce 3-21Ce 3-22

                  Ce 3-21                     Ce 3-22

Austrian Bi, BCi, Ci

2axle „large-capacity“ carriages of the Austrian origin with open end decks, standard construction of the century turn, in term of construction and design the same can be said as for the carriages descried aove.

Bi 2-2000Bi 2-7660

                  Bi 2-2000                  Bi 2-2660

BCi 2-7000BCi 2-7660

                 BCi 2-7000                BCi 2-7660

Ci 4-20Ci 4-23

                  Ci 4-20                       Ci 4-23

Ci 4-0

Ci 4-0

Czechoslovak Ci

Continuing production of the carriages above in Czechoslovakia, at first yet  according to the Austrian drawings. Since 1918 they were above all allocated  to the Slovak railways affected by WW I. 

Ci 3-92Ci 3-97

                  Ci 3-92                      Ci 3-97

Luggage vans for passenger trains

Class Dd vans (first of them Austrian construction) and at first also Austrian Ddy were the integral part of passenger and some fast trains on main lines. Class Ddk vans served on main and local lines.

Dd 6-40Dd 6-41

                    Dd 6-40                  Dd 6-41

Ddk 6-36Ddk 6-37

                      Ddk 6-36           Ddk 6-37

Ddy 6-4806

Ddy 6-4806

Older and taken-over carriages

So, such a „mixture“ could be met  on the so called 2nd order main lines till the beginning of the 1930s. The carriages were taken over mostly still in the Austrian era in the course of transfer the private railway companies to state ownership. They were often marshalled in the trainsets „flecked in from all quarters“ where each carriage differed from the others.

Ciy 4-4875Ci 4-1305

                    Ciy 4-4875           Ci 4-1305

Ci 4-1208Ce 3-4000

                    Ci 4-1208              Ce 3-4000

Cey 3-86

Cey 3-86


Archaic carriages from the 1880s - 90s. After various arrangements, certain with oil lights yet, often without WCs and/or without brakes, mostly with downgraded classes, they served out both on local lines and like supplementary carriages on main lines, in the weekend traffic etc.  Some of them went over to the motor units after 1928.

Ci 4-1398Ci 4-1342Ci 4-1320

         Ci 4-1398          Ci 4-1342          Ci 4-1320

Ci 4-2572

Ci 4-2572

Local railways carriages

Standard local railways carriages used in Bohemia and Moravia in trainsets compsed DF, 1xBCi, 1-2xCi until 1928, later the BCi were scattered even to certain main lines, Ci stayed in their prcincts till the 1940s. They were common  in rthe mixed trains of the 1920s-30s with the locomtive classes 310.0, 320.0, 422.0, 313.4 etc. After 1928 certain carriges Ci 4-17 and most Cl 4-59 became trailers cars to motor coaches.

                     BCi 2-75             BCi 2-76

                      Ci 4-15                Ci 4-18

Ci 4-17

Cl 4-59


3 types of combined luggage/mail vans were used in the local railwas trainsets.

DF 6-71DF 6-73DF 6-77

            DF 6-71          DF 6-73           DF 6-77

Bustehrad railway

(BD) carriages

This was the appearance of the Bustehrad railway standard carriages since late 1880s. Later they were rebuilt in various way. Suitable locomotive classes used: 354.425-40, 324.3, 524.101-6. These images show their appearance in the CSD period. They could be seen in their original precincts (Praha - Smichov, Praha - Bubny, Chomutov/Komotau) till late 1940s.

Be 2-15BCe 2-6710

                       Be 2-15          BCe 2-6710

BCe 2-6694Ci 4-41

                     BCe 2-6694         Ci 4-41

Ddk 6-3838

Ddk 6-3838

Fast train

BD carriages

The BD fast trains carriages from the late 19th century, CSD later transferred them to passenger trains. In their times with exceptional length and wheelbase, they demonstrate a design level of the Ringhoffer works in Smichov and an advanced  approach of the BD technical management.

Ddy 6-4861Cey 3-8850

              Ddy 6-4861                   Cey 3-8850

Ce 3-6833Bey 2-1980

                Ce 3-6833                   Bey 2-1980

4 axle BD luggage van

4axle luggage bogie van of BD. Used in Carlsbad express trains where BD used 4axle carriages identical with the Austrian railways design.

Da 6-5410

Freight trains staff vans

Freight trains staff vans from the beginning of the CSD.

D 6-05D 6-1D 6-0

                D 6-05          D 6-1            D 6-0

Short mail vans

The short mail van from the 19th and 20th century turn used on local and certain main lines.

Fk 5-17Fk 5-14

                       Fk 5-17             Fk 5-14

Usti - Teplice railway mail

3 axle van

The single mail van for the fast trains on the former Usti/Aussig -  Teplice/Teplitz Railway from 1898, at CSD marked Fy 5-0902, operated until 1962. It was allocated in the Chomutov/Komotau domicile, so it fits well with the BD passenger trainsets.

Fy 5-0902

Bogie mail van

4axle bogie mail van from 1921, at CSD used for fast and long-distance passenger trains as well as for mail and fast freight trains.

Fa 5-20

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