Narrow gauge railways

Author of this website wants to enable the interested people to depict the steam traffic on the CSD lines of 760 mm narrow gauge in 1920s and 30s. Therefore he publishes here not only his pictures but also those published by the other available authors as well as their pictures liveries.

The original Austrian marking is used in the cases when the author has no available or reliably verified data from the CSD period.

U 37.0

Standard Austrian 760 mm gauge steam locomotive class U of the 19th and 20th centuries turn. 

U 47.0

4 Mallet locomotives of the former Austrian Heeresbahn (Military railways) came after 1918 to Jindrichuv Hradec where it served until 1950s. U 47.001 is the museum serviceable locomotive of the current Czech private narrow gauge railway company Jindrichohradecke mistni drahy (JHMD) operating 79 km long 760 mm gauge system in South Bohemia.

Passenger and luggage/mail coaches

Standard 2axle coaches collection having been operated since the very beginning till the 1960s. Certain of them are saved for the museum traffic. The „3windows coach“ is the picture of this website author, the others © Venca Stíba.

        BCi/u254     BCi/u 244       Ci/u 321

         Ci/u 319        Ci/u 322      Ci/u 351

                  DF/u 646      DF/u 645


Narrow gauge wagons

These wagons belonged among the basic rolling stock  of all the ancient Austrian narrow gauge railways since their inception. Braked waggons were later often loaded e. g. by stone and used as brake vans. The braked covered van is a livery of a Venca Stíba´s picture.

Z/u 2020    Z/u 2072

Jhn/s 213    Jk/s 207    Jk/s 209


Normal gaguge wagons on narrow gaguge bogies

Several normal gauge wagons of 1920s and 30s on narrow gauge bogies.  Their images are animated - always 3 pictures used for 1 animation.

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