Railcars, trailer cars, motor units

The first railbuses

The first railbuses - this is the true prehistory of the motor coaches operation at CSD. Class M 120.0, the only prototype, was used in 1927 - 1935 on the Kopidlno - Bakov nad Jizerou local line. 11 railbuses class M 120.1 of 1927-28 were used in East Slovakia with CDv trailer cars until 1939.




             M 120.0                    M 120.1


M 120.3, CDv,

M 120.2

More vehicles of the motor coaches operation beginning  from the late 1920s. Initially  they were equipped by atypical chopper couplers without buffers and so they could not be coupled with the normal drawgear equipped vehicles. Screw couplings and normal buffers were later installed to the motor coaches.

    M 120.3               CDv               M 120.2

M 122.0

One of the first motor coaches with an electrical  transmission - 1930.

   M 132.0

But still earlier - in 1928 - 5  coaches  with electrical transmission were made. Having been operated in Telc and Lanskroun (Landskron) they worked quite satisfactorily.

M 220.1

5 pcs made in 1927, it served on lines Castolovice - Solnice or Liberec/Reichenberg - Tanvald/Tanwald, where it was used (with the nickname „businessmen express“) even for  fast trains.

   M 220.3

Another experiment from 1929. 3 motor coaches were placed in Rumburk (Rumburg), from were they departed for the lines of the ancient Bohemian Northern Railway to Decin/Tetschen and Varnsdorf/Warnsdorf.

M 221.2

Also these two motor coaches from 1930 served especially the producers to gain more experience. Having been assigned to Karlovy Vary/Karlsbad they used to run as connecting trains to expresses on the  „Spa“ local line Karlovy Vary - Becov - Marianske Lazne (Karslbad - Petschau - Marienbad).

M 120.401

This way, painted coach green, famous „high--rises“ started in 1930 their working life.

Trailer cars

Trailer cars of 1920s a 30s. („D“ in the class marking means a luggage compartment.)

      Cl 4-6006       CDl 4-9410    Cl 4-6015

            CDlm 4-9413       Clm 4-6065

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