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January 1, 2005:

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Notes about the pictures

Links under the vehicle class numbers and/or group names lead to .zip archives. Steam locomotives zips include 8 or 4 phase pictures (depending on if there are drawn both sides of the engine or only one). The phase pictures then create the locomotive animation in the Traffic screensaver. All the pictures are drawn transparent in the .gif file formate. Thus they can be used on the background of the full-screen landscape photos. Nevertheless they can be used by those who prefer classic screensaver appearance, i.e. trains movements in several lines on a black background.

General language note

  1. Author of this website will be grateful for any aid concerning language corrections. English is not his native tongue and he is not very familiar with English special railway terms. (The mda Railway Object Thesaurus was used for the translation of most original Czech special railway terms to English. The website author is more familiar with the British English but the bridge construction special terms were taken over from the U.S. Model Railroader Magazine Handbook No. 33, issue 1998.)
  2. Most readers of these pages probably know that in the dissertated period 1918-1938 about a quarter of the Czechoslovak territory was settled by German speaking population. If the concerning notes in the text refer to the names of the places located in this territory there are usually used both valid Czech and former German local names.


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