Electric traction

Vehicles of the Rybnik - Lipno line

Traffic on the railway line Rybnik/Zartlesdorf - Lipno/Lippnerschwebe started up in 1911 with these vehicles. 3 electric coaches class M 201.0 for mixed trains (later the fourth one came) and 1 „locomotive“ E 200.0 (the last appointed mostly for shunting) coped with hauling everything (including heavy loads for and from the paper and saw mills in Loucovice/Kienberg) till the year of 1938.

M 201.0 E 200.001


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German-speaking readers can find more about this line in the article quoted below.

Günter Mackinger: Hohenfurther Elektrische Localbahn

(in Bufe - Schröpfer: Eisenbahnen im Sudetenland 1938-1945, Bufe-Fachbuch-Verlag, Egglham 1991)

The photo in the header of this page is taken over from the quoted publication.