All the classes and numbers mentioned below correspond with CSD regulations valid in the period of 1925 - 1956.


Austrian standard vans (later Czechoslovak classes Zl and Z) from the 19th and 20th century turn and the following improved class Z made in Czechoslovakia in series of several thousands till the end of 1920s. At CSD they formed the basis of the rolling stock until 1945. They served out at the end of 1980s and to date  some of them are still used for service and/or maintenance purpose and also in museum traffic.

Zl 1-88Z 1-52Z 1-1

         Zl 1-88            Z 1-52               Z 1-1


Zav 2-29000

A unique Austrian 4axle van from the 19th and 20th century turn.

Zav 2-29000

M 2-44

A van for small livestock transport from the beginning of CSD.

M 2-44

ZZdv 2-24

A high capacity van twins from 1932. They served for express goods and mail transport or like auxiliary luggage vans.

ZZdv 2-24

Facultative vans

Under this strange naming there are hidden class Zsb 2-35 vans from 1931-32. They were deposited in hundreds pieces in more stations and after the proper fitting-out they should have served above all for ambulance trains setting up in the expected war conflict. In the peace conditions they were used as express goods/mail vans or auxiliary luggage vans. In the 1930s and 40s they were often marshalled in overcrowded weekend and summer season passenger trains on the „Sazava Valley Pacific“ Praha - Vrane - Cercany/Dobris.

Zsb 2-35

  Ul 6-68 

An Austrian coal wagon from the 19th and 20th century turn.

Ul 6-68Ul 6-68

Coal wagons

Standard CSD coal wagons form 1900 - 1918 (wooden  side flaps) a 1918 - 1929 (steel side flaps). The pictures are liveries of those published by Venca.


  Austrian high sided wagons


Austrian high sided wagons from the 19th and 20th century turn, at CSD stanard till the 1930s.

V 4-18Vk 4-30

                   V 4-18               Vk 4-30

Vk 4-30Vk 4-30

Vk 4-30

V 4-18V 4-18

V 4-18

Czechoslovak high sided wagons  

High sided wagons from the half of 1920s.

Vtd 4-705

Vtd 4-705

Vtd 4-70Vtd 4-70

Vtd 4-70

Uz 5-859

Wagon for the conveyance of  lime, coke, bones etc. from the CSD beginning era.

Uz 5-859

Low sided wagons with stanchions

Austrian wagons from 1901.

Nd 3-391Nd 3-391

Nd 3-391

Nd 3-396

Nd 3-396

Bolster wagons

Pivoting bolster wagons for timber conveyance from the 19th and 20th century turn.

Ot 9-275Ok 9-246Ok 9-246

       Ot 9-275                  Ok 9-246

Ok 9-246Ok_dl_drivi

Ok 9-246


Ot 9-275

Beer vans

Austrian beer refrigerator vans demonstrated here as they looked in the CSD period and with the breweries logos used since 1918.


Lp 511206       Lp 510339


Lp 510053       Lp 510000

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