Railway buildings

Main line junction station

The building of the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway station Suchdol nad Odrou/Zauchtel from 1891, the railway line Prerov - Bohumin/Oderberg. The building is placed longways between the main line platform (the depicted view) and the platform of the branch lines to Fulnek and Budisov/Bautsch, from the branch lines side it is  mirrored identical. 


Main line halt

The structures on the halt of Roztoky-Zalov on the railway Praha-Kralupy nad Vltavou. Thus it appeared in 1970s.


Station building of the former Austrian Northwest Railway

This structure of the Praha-Liben lower station was demolished in 1984 after closing the section Praha-Tesnov - Praha-Vysocany. More similar ones with various layout can be nevertheless found until now from Znojmo/Znaim through Kolin to Decin/Tetschen along all the former Austrian Northwest Railway. 


Storey station building on the Bohemian-Moravian Transverse Railway

Standardized station structure of the „Transversal“ or the lines among Jihlava, Tabor, Pisek and Domazlice/Taus. The real model is in Nemilkov on the line Domazlice-Horazdovice suburb.


Ground floor station building on the Bohemian-Moravian Transverse Railway

The same line, another building, this one is in Obratan between Tabor and Horni Cerekev. Most of the „Transversal“ structures now appear differrently.


Storey station building on local railways

A standardized structure of important local railways stations from 1893 - 1911, it can be seen e. g. in the stations: Vrane n. Vltavou, Dobris, Kacov, Ivancice, Lenora, Horsovsky Tyn, Kralovice, Blatna, Lnare, Volary, Cerny Kriz, Dobruska... At least 30 of them survived until now, often changed due to various adjustments and rebuildings.


Ground floor station building on the local railways

At least one sample of this structure can be met in coountless variants on each local line. (E. g. a  model to this picture is in Liten on the Zadni Treban - Lochovice local line.)


Ground floor station  building on the local railways  - variant II

Another variant of the same - appearance of the building in Ledec nad Sazavou (local line Svetla nad Sazavou - Cercany) after finishing, similar ones are in Jilove u Prahy or Cesky Sternberk.


Ground floor station building on the Vyssi Brod local railway

And the third one: This was an original appearance of the station building Vyssi Brod Monastery (Hohenfurt Stift) - today the oblong wing is „6 windows long“. The similar building is also in Rozmberk nad Vltavou (Rosenberg an der Moldau).


Halts on the railway line Olomouc - Krnov (Jägerndorf)

The original buildings of the halts on Moravian - Silesian Central Railway. None of them exists more.                                                

    Bystrovany                Jivova                   Smilov           

                           Bystrovany                                             Jivova                                              Smilov

Halt on the local line Olomouc - Celechovice

The building of the suburban halt Olomouc-Repcin.


Goods shed

Once essential parts of small stations and freight platforms on local railways, nowadays slowly decaying useless witnesses of better railway times...


Larger goods shed

A larger variant of a local railway goods shed.


Wooden WC

One can wonder where this „popular“ railway structure still survives working...

   WC     WC2

Water tower

No comment is necessary here... The model stands in Nejdek (Neudek) on the railway line Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) - Potucky (Breitenbach).


Signal box

Two of many variations of signal boxes.

      signal_box                        signal_box_Prostejov_m_n

   Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) -          Prostejov

    Potucky (Breitenbach) line

Watchmen´s cottages

A collection of watchmen´s cottages from various railway lines: Two light lines types, Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) - Potucky (Breitenbach), The Transversal = Jihlava - Tabor - Domazlice, The Emperor Ferdinand´s North Railway (Nezamyslice - Sternberk branch)

watchman´s_cottage        watchman´s_cottage_with_waiting_shed         watchman´s_cottage_Karslbad          watchman´s_cottage_transvers          watchman´s_cottage_KFNB        

                    Local lines                                          Karlovy Vary -         The Transversal            Ferdinand´s

                                                                                     Potucky                                                  Northern Railway                                              

Waiting cabins

Another essential structure on local halts, often cumulated to watchmen´s cottages.


            waiting_shed         waiting_shed_large


Engine-shed with water tower

One-stall engine-shed for small local railway locomotives. This one is - now in an advanced stage of decay - in Ledecko on the „Sazava Pacific“ (local line Cercany - Svetla nad Sazavou) ...


Engine-shed with

water tower II

...while in Modrany only the water tower has survived and almost the same one in Dobris was pulled down in 2003.



Coaling tower system Teudloff (the original was in Caslav), coal stage, coal shed (Olomouc local railway station  - discarded 1932) - obligatory accessories of the smaller engine shed in the times of the steam traffic.



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